Over 80,000 meals every day in
our 3,500 sqm purpose-built facility

Taste of Home, a division of Transguard Group, was inspired by our own employees who were looking for delicious, healthy and affordable meals. Launched in 2019 and led by an experienced Western and Asian food management team, Taste of Home is staffed by chefs from around the world who grew up eating the very food they’re now cooking for others: Rich curries from North India; spicy chutneys from South India; hearty biryanis from Pakistan; succulent stews from Africa and savory delicacies from the Philippines, among others.

School Meals Catering

Delivering specialised and carefully crafted meals to the nation's future leaders!

Our dedicated Chefs carefully design nutritious, balanced meals produced daily with only the freshest of ingredients, because, after all, we have a responsibility to our children and their future. With a focus on quality, we utilise the latest technology in food preparation to ensure every meal contains the dietary requirements for a growing and active child. Our menu options are varied, allergen aware and designed with a focus on providing mouthwatering flavours without compromising any of the goodness of a healthy balanced meal.

Workforce Catering Solutions

Taste of Home’s multi-cultural menus offer a wide range of delicious and healthy meal options designed by chefs from the very regions for which they cook: North and South India, Pakistan, the Middle East, Africa, the Philippines and Europe.
Why us?

Tailored staff accommodation catering solutions:

  • Competitively priced tiered menu plans
  • Varied and customisable menus
  • Nutritional, delicious and multi-cultural meals
  • Central preparation unit
  • Stringent hygiene regulations
  • Regular and thorough quality management audits

Events Catering Solutions

Are you planning a large corporate function, an exclusive business networking gathering, or a fun-filled day for your employees? Taste of Home caters any and all events: With our bespoke menu options, acute attention to details and hygiene, as well as our professional staff, we will ensure your event is a success (and have you coming back for seconds)!
Why us?

Expert corporate catering solutions:

  • Tailored catering packages for events of all sizes
  • Central preparation unit
  • Access to 5-star experienced chefs, front of house, back of house and kitchen porters
  • Focus on quality, flavour and aesthetics
  • Dedicated fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles
  • Stringent hygiene regulations

Special Events Catering

In addition to staff accommodation and corporate events catering, Taste of Home has the capacity and expertise to service special and large-scale events. Whether you’re looking to cater for thousands at a time or host Iftars during Ramadan, our ability to produce and deliver large quantities of high-quality, delicious food makes us the caterer of choice.
Why us?

Expert events catering solutions:

  • Large production capacity
  • Extensive and multi-cultural menu options
  • Consistent quality and taste
  • Dedicated fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles
  • Stringent hygiene regulations