Welcome to Taste of Home
Catering Solutions

Taste of Home relies on a dedicated fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles to supply
breakfast, lunch and dinner across Dubai.

Workforce Catering

Designed for labour intensive companies looking to fulfil their end-to-end large volume catering requirements.

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Taste of Home caters any and all events with our bespoke menu options as well as our professional staff.

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Ability to produce and deliver large quantities of high-quality, delicious food makes us the caterer of choice.

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School Meals Catering

Nutritionally balanced meals for healthier, stronger students.

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We are inspired by our own employees

who were looking for delicious, healthy and affordable meals

Taste of Home is staffed by chefs from around the world who grew up eating the very food they’re now cooking for others: Rich curries from North India; spicy chutneys from South India; hearty biryanis from Pakistan; succulent stews from Africa and savory delicacies from the Philippines, among others.


Competitive Priced

Taste of home emphasis on quality and cost.


Truly Delicious

Supply breakfast, lunch and dinner across Dubai.

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Competitively priced and truly delicious, Taste of Home is a unique, end-to-end solution
that places equal emphasis on well-being, quality and cost.